“Polished and confident…gave the Villa Lobos etudes sensitive and shapely readings…” New York Concert Review (USA)

“A splendid guitarist, not only drawing a wide range of color from his instrument but playing in a stylish manner. He has great great rhythmic buoyancy and knows how to phrase sensitively without overdoing sentiment. So rarely, especially in classical guitar…do you find a player who is not afraid to play with energy when needed, and whose technique is so good that it becomes part of his styling and not something he uses to show off, that I really found myself mesmerized by him…And not only did I like his playing, I also liked the sound of the record. The sonics are so crystal clear that you’d swear he was in the same room with you…This is a absolutely fascinating CD, highly recommended to all lovers of classical guitar and/or these composers”. Lynn Rene Bayley, FANFARE (USA)

“…these classic/favourite guitar pieces are well performed and receive nice interpretations…Nicholson gives sensitive renditions …intended to present the music in good fashion.” Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar (UK)

“I noticed right away, that this performer (Nicholson) was up to the task, demanding secure finger dexterity and control…” Ontario Arts Review (Canada)

“he is an accomplished player with a fine legato and enviable control of phrasing, interpretation and personality. There is little sensational (in the worst sense) in his playing, the music presented in a straightforward honest programme.” Guy Rickards, Gramophone (UK)

“In the final track,”Una Limosna por el amor de Dios”, Nicholson displays a fine control of the right hand tremolo. The playing throughout is accurate, clear and thoughtful…the guitar tone is lovely and the recorded sound is warm and clear…” TerryRobbins, Whole Note Magazine. (Canada)